Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This, that and little else

I've not had the oomph to do much real blogging lately; too many other things on my mind. Work is busy and stressful. On the surface I cope well with the stress: I don't yell at co-workers, don't throw things or trash the office, keep plugging away and maintain an up to date to-do list. It shows up in utter disinterest in anything else, and in fitful sleep and odd dreams. My unconscious has given up giving me messages in code in dreams; the last few nights the bits I remember are directly about real-world work issues.

On the movie front, thanks to a mention on Tony's blog, I'm currently about half-way through Bonhoeffer, a documentary on a German theologian who opposed the Nazis. (incidentally, if you've never visited his blog, do so). Years ago, some friends and I went to see The Beams Are Creaking, a play detailing Bonhoeffer's imprisonment and execution. That I can still remember the name of the play after almost 20 years is a measure of the impact it had - I never remember those things.

See, it's not all fluff that I'm renting ;^)

There are a few things I'm wrestling with, in the employment arena and in the outworking of my faith. Nothing concrete enough to share in either, at the moment.

Better get back to work, as the purchase order I submitted for work elves is apparently not going to be filled. I did get the new computer (now with the 19" monitor!), although there is still some work to be done on it. There are two test pieces of software that work perfectly if you log in as the admin, but if you log in as me, there are issues.

I'm trying not to take it personally.

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