Thursday, February 08, 2007

Extra onions version of the T3

Terry must have been hungry this morning, as all the questions have to do with food.

1) Of your local hamburger joints, which is your favorite and why? And by “local,” we mean REALLY local--no national chains! Only your local mom-and-pop establishments or regional chains, please.

2) What is the most adventurous meal you’ve ever personally prepared?

3) What dish did your Mom used to fix that you steadfastly refused to eat?

Now then, put your napkin in your lap and dig in!

1. Cream City Custard is a short distance from home, and has phenomonal burgers. My personal favorite is the mushroom swiss burger - a huge hamburger smoothered in swiss cheese, oozing mushrooms all over the place. Not exactly heart-healthy.

2. Adventurous or expensive? The prime rib roast I did for company for Christmas ago was probably the most expensive - and a heart-stopping adventure to cook given the cost of the meat (it was great!). I'm well known for trying new recipes out on dinner guests, but rarely try anything exotic on them (unless I don't want them to come back).

For myself - I've tried a couple of Moroccan dishes. The end result was OK - not sure if it was because I messed up the cooking, or I'm just not used to the flavors. I'll generally try anything once, provided I can get the ingredients locally.

3. Just one? An asparagus and egg dish that was nasty, any canned veggies she heated up to mush, and ring bologna.

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