Friday, January 12, 2007

I haven't left town or anything

More substantive posts may be coming over the weekend. It's not so much that there was a lot of work piled up after vacation, it's more that there have been multiple distractions keeping me from really getting caught up.

The office carpets were scheduled for cleaning; facility services insists on doing that during the workday, when we are here, as they "don't want to be in confidential areas" all alone. For crying out loud - they have keys. They can come in at any time, whether or not they have work to to. So there was the hauling of all things off of the office floor (which entailed disassembling and taking home a small round decorator table that I had brought in years ago when my office was really bare) and the trying to work that way, in a cloud of fumes from the Lemon! Scented! Chemical-laden! carpet cleaning stuff.

There was the hour and a half long meeting of the Communication Committee. Of all committees, you would think that one would have concise, pointed, meaningful meetings. Or not.

Another two hours went to a delayed employee performance development/learning plan discussion. How many ways/times can you tell someone that a situation will improve if they change how they themselves react to it; they cannot count on the other person changing to suit them?

Friends chose this week to come out of the woodwork; in addition to my little college friend earlier this week, a dear friend was in town and stopped over last night for coffee and chat. The phone didn't stop ringing one night this week. This would be the "feast" week - I probably won't see anyone again for a month.

At any rate, it's been interruptions and unscheduled work/fun all week, and it hasn't done much for my rate of catch-up. Today will be spent in doing all sorts of little things for other people, in the hopes that on Tuesday I can actually start doing my own work. So far, it doesn't look good.

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