Thursday, December 21, 2006

All good things must come to an end - Year-end Edition of the Thursday Three

Via Terry at Possumblog:

As it is now toward the end of 20-Ought Six, and seeing as how I will be gone all next week, what say we have a big year-end wrap up/new year preview?

Take your keyboard in hand and answer the following questions (which were inspired by last week's host) by either leaving a comment below, or a link to your answer over at your blog. Remember, anyone is free to play along!

So now:

1) What sorts of things will you be doing this year to bring the year to a close? Any special traditions or such that signal the end of the old? Parties, football games, airing of grievances, Twister?

2) What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

3) And since we missed talking about such things at the end of last month, what things that came your way in 2006 were you most thankful for?

1. *Snort* Once I have the vacation "to do" list completed, I'll post it here and cross things off as I finish. As for the big night itself, I tend to go to bed early. I much prefer to get up early, early the next day and go out to breakfast with friends. Generally, as we go into the restaurant, the group that went to breakfast after being up all night is on its way out.

2. Moving on, or rather, I guess, moving towards. The last year or so has been a time of change, of moving out of past activities, relationships and patterns. It's time to start moving more deliberately toward some new things, establishing new patterns, nuturing new relationships and finding new ways to get into trouble adventures.

3. Incredible spiritual growth, better health than I deserve, caring friends, steady (albeit sometimes insanity-creating) employment, a comfortable home and the chance to make every day count.

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