Monday, November 20, 2006


I certainly don't qualify as a Woman@Home; my life situation and experiences are much different than theirs. I did, however, enjoy this challenge (via Stephanie, who is a woman@home) to reveal a bit of detail from my life.

Taking the Swonderings challenge from Women @ Home for this week.

The author points out that no matter how much or how little you put on your blog, there are things that your readers still don't know about you. "They wouldn't recognize your handwriting on a note, be able to discern your laughter in a group, or even know how tall you are. Take a photo of your handwriting, show readers your wardrobe, or record a short clip of yourself humming a tune. You've covered the big topics [in your blog], now get to the details."

I have a cold, so I won't be singing (yet another thing to be grateful for on Thanksgiving), and I'm allergic to pictures.

In spite of the ease of use of an on-line journal, I remain one of those people faithful to a pen-and-paper record of life's passing. You can tell from the handwriting what I felt about what I was writing: at times, the writing just flows, all the letters connected, the tops of the higher letters leaning eagerly to the right, wanting to get on with the next thought; other times, the letters and words are disconnected and choppy, the tops slanting this way and that as if blown in the winds of my disorganized thoughts. The physical act of writing slows me down a bit, keeps my mind from dumping one thought and moving on to the next without really considering what I said (yeah, yeah, unlike here...)

If you feel the need to forge my signature on my bank account, be forewarned that in order to take funds out of the account, you will first need to put some in. Otherwise, you won't even get enough for a bad cup of coffee.

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