Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm baack!

Chances are, you weren't aware I was gone. I've spent the last two and a half days in the Windy City for a super-fantastic, ultra-exciting HIGHER EDUCATION TAX FORUM!

Actually, it was pretty informative, even if over half the presentations dealt with taxes for which I have no reporting or recording authority. I will happily pass the printed materials and my notes on to my collegues who ARE responsible.

Apparently, the state-run universities must be doing much better than our lowly private universities: the forum was held at the Intercontinental Hotel. Go take the photo tour - it's worth it.

I'm simply not used to that level of service (nor to constantly needing cash on hand for tips), but it was very pleasant. There was more flatwear in my place setting at the luncheon than I personally own, but mamma raised me right and I knew what to do. I'm still not entirely sure what the hockey puck shaped, kind of lumpy white thing on the plate was...at first, I thought it was some sort of twice-baked potato; after a taste, I was pretty sure it was some sort of veggie, but with apple or pear slices mixed in; in the end, I just ate it, since it was delicious.

Finally, I must apologize to Marc. I am the kiss of death to any football team whose city I visit.

Yes; the Bears' loss on Sunday was my fault.

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