Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Out, out, damned spot!

I'm still seeing spots.

Yesterday a coworker and I spent the day in a MAP course, earning relatively easy training hours - or so we thought.

The entire day was spent watching video of managers and evaluating their performance. We had 200 questions to answer, on those wonderful fill-in-the-dot answer sheets. Not only that, but more than one answer could be chosen; the examiner told us that on average, 50% of the answers were "correct", as opposed to the standard 25% on multiple guess choice tests. ARGH! What's an anal-retentive, competitive, must-do-things-the-right-way accountant to do?!

Why, fill in the dots to make a pretty picture, of course!

We get the results tomorrow, in another all day session, for which we prepare by reading a 27 page paper on "interpreting your results". Isn't that what we're paying the course to do?

We did a self-scoring personality type test, and another on communication style as well.

Pretty bunny-picture answer sheet aside, I enjoy doing these sorts of things. If I find out anything surprising in tomorrow's results, I'll let you know!

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