Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Grocery store giggles

- The grocery store closest to my house is also the one closest to the fire station around the corner. Since they typically take the big tanker truck for their grocery run (boys and their toys), I've often wondered what would happen if they got a call while they were shopping. Today I found out: turn on lights and siren, and try to do a fast turn in a very narrow space, avoiding clueless shoppers. False alarm - ten minutes later they were back to pick up the groceries before the ice cream melted.

- A youngish guy cut me off with his cart as I entered the store. Mid-twenties, khakis and white shirt, owl rim glasses and a messenger/laptop bag. I couldn't actually see a pocket protector, but I just felt it was there. About the third time he cut me off in the store I happened to glance at his cart: no food in the cart, but a three ring binder open aross the handlebars, and he was highlighting things in its pages. I have no clue...

- On the way out, I ran into a lady I've seen fairly often when I stop at the store after work. She looks just like this picture of Maxine, only a little more bent over:

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