Sunday, September 03, 2006

You know it's going to be a hard winter...

... when you see the squirrels throwing the chestnuts down from the tree in their hurry to put up a store for the winter. No kidding - they are pulling them off the tree, throwing them to the ground, then taking them to the concrete stoop to crack them. They run off to bury them (without cleaning up after themselves, I might add) and repeat the process. I have never seen so many chestnut shells littering the lawn this early in the year. That, combined with the numerous flocks of geese I've already seen, make me think it will be an early winter. Mother Nature must give the animals advance notice.

The days have still been in the mid-seventies, with the nights dipping into the high fifties. I usually don't do the winterizing - film on the windows, heavier window treatments, finding the mittens, scarves and snow brushes, digging out the snow shovel (pun intended) and hauling out all the quilts that get scattered around the house (for warmth, not decoration; I keep the house at about 58) until after the time change in October. Maybe I should start now.

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