Friday, August 04, 2006

Speedy recovery, Cristiano

Road America in Elkhart Lake is one of, if not the best natural terrain road courses in the world. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine, the four mile track winds through wood and field, with extreme elevation changes, blindingly fast straightaways, long sweeping curves and sharp, 25-mph corners. The cars go through several of the fourteen turns off-camber, the drivers struggling to bring the cars through without losing speed. It's incredible to stand on a path in the woods overlooking the track, and have them blow by you at 180 mph.

The track also has wildlife - lots of it. During a Champ Car open test yesterday, Cristiano Da Matta was unable to avoid a deer that jumped onto the track. You know the damage a deer can do to a regular sedan - imagine hitting one at 114 mph in one of these. The impact tore off the roll bar, and sent Cristiano into the tire barrier at full speed.

Full details on the injury are here. Right now, it's wait and see. The Champ Car medical team is incredible, and Shorty is in good hands.

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

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