Thursday, June 08, 2006

Refrigerator epilogue

The refrigerator guys were about an hour late, but since one of them was cute and single, I let it pass. Unfortunately, he has a cat, and I have allergies.

Since Pete still hadn’t replaced the bottom step to the back porch (removed three days previously), they had no choice but to remove/replace via the front door. All went well, although they did need to hammer off the handle on the old one to get it through the dining room doorway. No apartment doors needed to be removed, although I did have to remove a wrought iron basket rack from the wall adjacent to one door.

The new frig is wonderful: it is a little roomier than the old, albeit fairly empty at the moment, it cycles on/off quietly, and the doors open in the right direction! You have no idea what a joy that is.

Sometime tonight/tomorrow it will get a workout as we get the food ready for Kara’s graduation open house. She sent out close to 100 invites…and they are forecasting rain. I’d better clean tonight, in case my place needs to be open as well!

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