Saturday, May 13, 2006

What to do on a grey day in May*

*or, while I may have a supremely boring life, I can multi-task like no one's business!

1. Get up ridiculously early for a Saturday and head to Panera to be there when they open. Enjoy coffee and a bagel while preparing the next lesson for the study in Ephesians I'm leading.

2. Stop to get gas. Only get $15 worth, since the price jumped from $2.81 a gallon to $2.99 a gallon overnight.

3. Head to grocery store #1 for the sale items - yogurt, milk and frozen dinners to take for lunches. Head home to unpack the groceries.

4. As long as the trunk is open, take out the two boxes of mason jars that have been rattling around in the trunk for the last couple of weeks. One box is almost twice the size of a copy paper box, the other a little smaller. Both are full to the brim. Realize that the bigger box only has the smaller jars, which I don't really need. But hey, they were free. But where to store them until I have a rummage sale?

5. Start to clean the bathroom. Scrub sink and tub. Decide to spray down the grout between the glass blocks in the window with Tilex (the window is in the wall the tub is on). Stink up whole house with Tilex. Wait ten minutes; rinse. Get self soaked in the process of rinsing.

6. Trade change with my landlady so I have a quarter for a cart and head off to grocery store #2 - Aldi. Aldi is a relatively new experience for me - it still is strange to see golf clubs for sale in the grocery store - but the prices can't be beat. I spent almost the exact same amount at Aldi as I did at the other store, and came home with onions, potatoes, kidney and pinto beans, tomato sauce, a chunk of cheese, eggs, blueberry muffin mix, vinegar, a loaf of bread, two pounds of elbow macaroni, four cans of mushrooms, two pounds of hamburger, three pounds of boneless/skinless chicken breasts and a medium size bag of peanut M & Ms.

7. Would you believe I was home well before noon? And that it has been grey, cold and drizzly the entire time I was running in and out of buildings?

8. Eat lunch while checking e-mail.

9. Start relaxing. Play a couple of computer games, then set up the sewing machine to work on a wedding gift. Watch Listen to some of the television shows I taped this week as I sew.

10. Take a break from sewing to vacuum the bedroom.

11. Sew some more.

12. Take another break from sewing and dust the bedroom. Take down the quilt that covers the window in the winter and take down the plastic film that was put up to winterize the window. Put the sheer curtains back up.

13. Sew more. Finish this stage; start looking in bookshelf for book on machine quilting with decorative threads.

14. Take break to start prep for soup for dinner. In the middle of chopping onions, run out (in the drizzle, without a coat) to move the car to the other side of the street. Forgot the date when I came home from the second store, and I'd get a ticket if I left the car where it was overnight.

15. Start soup. While it's simmering, start this blog post.

16. Take break from writing post to puree soup. Final simmer stage is underway (Potato-broccoli-cheese soup).

Tonight's plan? Have dinner, then play with decorative threads while watching "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". The mason jars are still in the foyer (along with a small box with the canned goods from Aldi), the toilet needs to be cleaned and the floor in the bathroom washed, and the rest of the house needs a dusting and vacuuming, but I'm not up for it at the moment. I know I actually did more today than what's listed; somewhere in there I figured out which of the clothes on the floor in the bedroom were clean and which were dirty, so I could move them to the appropriate spots before vacuuming sorted laundry, put away miscellaneous items, chatted with a friend and did a little web surfing.

Don't you just envy me my day?

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