Monday, April 10, 2006

Well, crap.

Yesterday was the first race of the year for the ChampCar World Series.

I totally forgot about it until just now.

Only 7 of the 15 races this season are broadcast on network television. This was one of them.

Unless I want to pay an additional $40 a month, I cannot get the cable station on which the rest of the races are broadcast.

Sigh. Even my local race (and I do mean local - the track is walking distance from my house) is not on network television this year. This would be the year I gave up my tickets...


In the spirit of sour grapes, I do have to say that with 4 of 18 cars knocked out on turn one (and those four all piloted by series veterans, including a former series champ), the rest of the race was apparently a snooze-fest, won by last year's returning champ in a runaway.

As for the first turn debacle...bear in mind these are open-wheeled cars, not those body-armored NASCAR tin cans (no insult meant to any NASCAR fan readers. Well, not purposely, anyway). The cars endure incredible beatings on the track, but contact between them is usually a disaster. Apparently someone was over-eager and got a nose up under the back of the car ahead in the turn, and mayhem ensued.

Next network broadcast - June 18th.


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