Thursday, March 30, 2006


Temporarily, that is. In a fit of insanity brought about by the warm temperatures, I decided to wash and wax the kitchen floor. The easy, although more time-consuming, way to do this is to do half the floor at a time, rolling the island and microwave cart from side to side of the room. That's fine for the first half of the floor. The second half is a little more tricky.

There are four ways out of my kitchen: back door, office/sewing room, bathroom and dining room. The doors are far enough from each other that you can't get from one to another without stepping on the kitchen floor. The office/sewing room is the place with all the toys: computer, sewing machine, tv/vcr/dvd, tons of books. So I've washed myself into the corner, at least until the floor dries.

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