Thursday, March 02, 2006

Reading, listening, watching & cooking T3

Better late than never. Terry at Possumblog asked, what are you reading, listening to and watching - and for a bonus, what's cooking?

1. Reading - I'm in the middle of rereading Sandra Dallas' The Persian Pickle Club. Other than that and my Bible, my bookshelf is distressingly empty at the moment. I'm usually backed up by about four books, but things have been busy lately and there's been no time.

2. Listening - All of The Chronicles of Narnia is loaded into the ipod for my listening pleasure. Also in electronic format is Alistair Begg's series Guarding the Truth, a phenomonal series of sermons teaching through 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.

3. Watching - Discs 3 - 5 of season four of ER, from Blockbuster Online.

Bonus: The other night I whipped up a huge batch of homemade chili for the freezer. Yum!

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