Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Look! A Badger!

Yes, the University of Wisconsin Badgers upset Auburn in the Capitol One Bowl. Sorry, Terry. Never go up against a team with a well-loved (and very successful) head coach, in his era-ending game.

The Packers fired their head coach yesterday, so both of the top football teams in the state can be said to be facing transition years next year. One could say the Packers have been "transitioning" for the last few years, but we don't want to get into that...


Terry Oglesby said...

::sniff:: My own catchphrase turned into a weapon against me!

I will also say that it's a good example of what happens when your head coach goes on and on about the bowl game being a reward for a good season and the players should go and have a good time. Good grief, it was like watching the Georgia Tech game all over again.

Which I don't say as a way to take anything away from Wisconsin--they played well, and were vastly better prepared.

Dern it all.

Sarah said...

Go Badgers!

It was funny about halfway through the game I realized I was rooting against Terry.