Saturday, December 17, 2005


A word of explanation is needed here.
I've recently left the church that was my home for the last eighteen years. The decision to leave was not reached quickly or lightly, nor without a true realization of the cost. The CFABM is taking a path that I do not agree with, and ultimately is not Biblical. The leadership of the CFABM is firmly commited to that path, in spite of losing about 14% of their regular attenders to date, and in spite of warnings from many people of the dangers and ultimate end of the course they are on.
That is all that I will say on the reasons I left the CFABM.
Life is certainly not barren of fellowship. While I am searching for another church to attend, I'm involved in two weekly Bible studies - the Tuesday study with the wonderful women with whom I had the Christmas breakfast, and another on Sunday evenings with a large group of friends, some who have also left the CFABM, a few who still attend there, and a number of friends from other churches.
Spiritual growth in my life in the last six months is greater than in the whole two years prior. God does indeed test us in the fire, using those times to purify our faith and deepen our reliance on Him. Leaving friends and ministries has been heart wrenching and I still weep over what used to be; the reward in being obedient to God, however, is worth any amount of heartbreak.

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